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Create a Beautiful and Easy Donation Experience

FREE DOWNLOAD: Seven Pre-Written Giving Scripts


Help prepare your congregation to give by creating intentional moments in your church's offering time. 


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Do you know how to talk about money in your church?

When it comes to ministry, almost everybody wants more resources to reach more people, but hardly anybody is thinking about how to make that a reality. Plus, talking about money can just be really hard.

But, giving scripts are short explanations of how the offering works, plus a call to action. They are intentional moments in your church service, and we've already done lots of the hard work for you and created church offering ideas in the form of seven scripts for you to use.

We believe that taking a little time to talk about giving in your church service will help connect the dots between generosity and your church's mission!


Leverage More Resources. Help More People. Do More Ministry.

When you  become intentional with your offering time, you help your congregation align with your mission of generosity. 

A Little Church Offering Idea Planning Goes a Long Way.